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Here is what you'll learn

The Basics

AR, or augmented reality, blends the virtual and real world together in a visual space, such as the phone screen or AR glasses, allowing users to interact with both. The potential of using this technology is untapped in the marketplace. Let's dive in!

The How's

In this section we will go over some of the companies in the AR space and how their platforms work. I do not get paid to show you these platforms, I just like these the best. We will look at how they work together.

Using AR

Think about what you would like to make in AR. I will show you a basic presentation of how to put an experience together and how to export it. Let this just be your AR kindergarden. Use your imagination to explore what is possible.

Get in here!

Join me in this FREE course! You will have a new understanding of the technologies coming in the marketing space and if you choose to begin using AR you will feel more like an experienced insider.

See you there!

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