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We Need A Retail Renaissance

The retail visual space has become stale and uninspiring. It is harder to grab customer attention with traditional in-store merchandising. AR experiences add inspiring marketing and interactivity for products, campaigns and brand events at the store level and even at the shelf level. The power to inspire purchases is in your hands.

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SURGE Reality 

Retail Innovation Through AR Solutions.

Retail innovation through AR solutions. Sounds good but what does that mean?  SURGE is building the 21st century tools to harness customer attention, in-store or online. With our tool, create engaging and entertaining AR experiences to drive sales and increase customer engagement. 

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It Will Be Child's Play To Use AR In Your Marketing

How Retail Can Win Using AR

Retailers and marketers have been facing some tough challenges the last years. Moving forward from 2022, physical retail, as a whole, is in need of an innovative renaissance. Some factors facing physical retailers: 

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Waste Reduction 

With all the printed marketing material stores produce, complete forests could be saved by using digital marketing assets. Whole sections of a store could be decorated in brand designs without a single tree felled or piece of paper printed. 

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Analytics & Rewards

Allow customers to build up points by interacting with AR assets for their loyalty discount programs. Allow customers to add products to proprietary shopping lists with one click on an AR asset. Collect analytics on customer choices through AR activity.

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Cashierless Stores 

With no humans to help or serve customers, customers don’t have a way to learn about products from shopkeepers. AR assets will be the only way for customers to learn about products and brands in-store for higher profit sales. 

Shelf Merchandising

Vendors compete and pay for shelf space, complicating the ability of the store to educate themselves or customers about the products in the store.  Digital merchandising with AR can tell the brand story to help customers make the best choice without taking up more physical space in store.

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What Is AR ?

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The ways to use AR in a retail environment are almost unlimited. Here are some of the basics about AR and ways to help take retail to the next level.

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Augmented reality (AR) involves overlaying visual, auditory, or other sensory information onto the real world in order to enhance one’s experience. AR is already used daily by Instagram, Snapchat and other socials built into the systems.

Augmented reality adds to the existing world as it is with image, audio experiences. With mobile apps and very soon, widely available glasses, AR will be viewable on demand for use in any setting.

Companies can use augmented reality to promote products or services, launch novel marketing campaigns, and collect unique user data without taking up real world space. 

Your Customers Are Ready

The market has been slow to adopt AR for everyday marketing because they couldn’t see how to use it. But just like the internet at the early stages, AR customers are curious and ready to explore the possibilities. 

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Camera Native Generations


Media Purchases

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Customers Already Use AR

Customer Education

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The fusion of AR and retail is “future proofed” as it will only grow. It’s well aligned with the habits and preferences of the camera-native Millennials and Generation Z. 63% of Shoppers (18-35 years old) have said that they would prefer making purchases in shops that offer AR experiences. (Research ARtillary Intelligence). 

67% of media buyers and planners want to incorporate more AR ads into their marketing plans, but tech adoption is hindered by the complexity of 3d programs for standard marketing & design pros. (Research ARtillary Intelligence). 

Customers are beginning to demand education about products by physical stores as they are more likely to shop in stores that support their values and their favourite brands. 


61% of consumers said they preferred retailers that offered AR experiences. (Research from 

AR is already used daily by SnapChat and Instagram users in the form of selfie filters. and social media experiences. Over socials, 3,5 billion people are using the AR technology daily. (Research: Statista). 

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We Have Your Solution

Our easy-to-use retail solution harnesses customer attention, brand engagement and campaign excitement at the click of a button on a mobile phone. Promote your products and expand your in-store real estate exponentially through AR experiences. Set dynamic triggers that can be updated instantly.

"Augmented reality is going to change everything. AR is one of these very few profound technologies that we will look back on one day and say, how did we live our lives without it." 
- Tim Cook, Apple

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Hear From Our Founder

SURGE Reality is the brainchild of digital creator Juliana Loomer who could see how AR is going to be a staple in marketing in the future and saw a need to create a tool so the average person can make AR experiences.

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How Will Retail Market to Customers From 2023?

With 3.5 billion mobile devices world wide, most populations are ready to participate as customers in AR marketing. Even older customers are willing to try, if only for the novelty. Now the work is to get brands to see how easy and profitable it will be to use. AR allows brands to tell stories and share values with one click.


With more AR devices coming to market, including Apple Glasses, users will be hungry for more content. Retail and brands that adopt AR assets early will have all the attention on them. Its an opportunity not to be missed.

AR is being used in every retail environment, but usually on a special per-project basis. We think AR should be used every day for retail marketing. That is why we are creating SURGE Creator, to make it easy to design and export AR experiences for your brand or shop.

Catch the Wave

AR Will change how retail does marketing.

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Which Industries Can Use AR?

The different industries that will be using AR in their marketing and education programs is unlimited. Here are some of the industries that will immediately benefit from inspired customers.

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Home Decor

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Surge AR Eliminates Advertising Waste

“It’s bad enough we get unsolicited spam emails, maybe it’s time these companies come up with a more personalised approach to their marketing strategy that doesn’t involve paper.” 

In the US, 4 million tons of mail ads are delivered to landfills each year. The EPA estimates 60% of junk mail is thrown out. There is a better way to share product information with customers.

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Meet the Team

“Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships.” - Michael Jordan

Thirteen years of building a life, business and adventures together.

We are going where no marketing tool has gone before. 🚀

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