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Here is a section where you might find some common questions answered about AR and our Creator application. Feel free to send us a message from this site with any questions.

How can my stores use AR to increase sales?

AR can create an enhanced shopping experience for customers, making it more engaging, informative, and personalized, which can ultimately lead to increased sales.

1. Stores can use AR to enhance product displays by providing customers with additional information and images or video of a product, making it easier for them to make a purchase decision.

2. Stores can use AR to provide customers with nutritional information about the products, such as calories, ingredient list, and other nutritional information.

3. Stores can use AR to provide customers with personalized recommendations based on their browsing history and previous purchases.

4. Stores can use AR to provide customers with information about food safety and quality, such as origin, expiration date, and other safety measures.

5. Retail stores can use AR for educating customers about new products, showing them the features and brand values.


How can AR help stores serve customers?

Data can be analyzed and used to gain insights into customer behavior and preferences, helping stores to make informed decisions about product placement, marketing strategies, and other aspects of the shopping experience.

1. The app can track purchase made through the app, and link it with the customer's profile, allowing for better understanding of the purchase journey.

2. The app can integrate sales data from POS systems, allowing retailers to understand the correlation between AR engagement and purchase.

3. The app can include feedback forms, surveys, or other mechanisms for customers to provide feedback on their experience using the app.

4. The app can use GPS or other location tracking technologies to track where customers are when they use the app, and how long they spend in different areas of the store.

5. The app can track what products customers have viewed, how long they viewed them for, and whether they made a purchase.


How do our stores use SURGE Creator app?

Once a representative of the company signs up for services, anyone can log in and begin to create their first AR experience right from the application. It can be set to trigger for use by customers on either their smartphone or their ar enabled devices like glasses. The trigger can be a QR code or an image like a logo.


Why is SURGE Creator better than other apps?

We have made our app easy to use by anyone with design skills and specifically for our retail customers. The other apps are made for tech enthusiasts and often require code knowledge and advanced 3D training to operate. We also will include sales templates and have an analytic back end so stores can see which products produced sales. Send us a message if you would like more information.

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